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i'm only a woman of flesh and bone

and i wept much, we all do

Eoife Ilona Macbeth
You are about to enter my mind: that of a quirky, big-mouthed girl who loves weird music, bad movies, trashy novels, and procrastinating; a girl whose sole purpose in life is to simultaneously be a professional musician and possess Carrie Bradshaw's shoe closet. Her iPod can predict the future and all her electronics are pink, despite the fact that none of her clothes are. She smells fantastic one hundred percent of the time and likes nothing better than telling people who really deserve it to fuck off. She's legally blind but her glasses are so sexy it's worth it. She's a hell of a lot smarter than she lets on and has the work ethic of a stoned plecostamus. Secretly she wants to be a cross between Jenny Lewis and Juno MacGuff in her next life. And someday, she will play the bassoon solo at the beginning of the Rite of Spring.