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new blog!

I just got supremely bored (I'm waiting up for the cat, because if I don't and he doesn't come in all night long, my sister will throw a fit... and to tell you the truth, I'm a little worried. He never came in for dinner. Which could mean, yeah, that he had a chipmunk feast, but still.) and created a beauty product blog over here at granolabeauty. Y'all know how much I like to review products, and I decided to keep them neatly over here, so if you want to read about that, friend me over there! If not, this journal will generally be about life, and that one about makeup. (And shampoo.) (...And soap.)
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grumpy, bored, and plague-ridden

So as we can all tell, I feel sooper ossum right now x.x

I'm bored, and should really just get off the damn computer and go to sleep, but my throat is KILLING me and my head's all abuzz, so there's no way that's happening.

This weekend was kind of annoying. Friday night was awesome---John won tickets to go to the High and listen to jazz and look at art and even though I accidentally wore heels it was awesome. (Massive oversight on my part. Walking around a museum for three hours, hmm, what should I wear for shoes; flats sound good, right? I looked at the most awesome pair of shoes I bought all year, not obviously including the teal satin pumps straight from 1984, also not counting the Penelope shoes... and they said "wear me!" and I said "okay" and my feet said "NO WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING AUUUUGHHH" and then my feet rebelled and tried to fall off but it didn't work. And then the next day I had a seven-hour shift.)

Saturday's work was annoying, because Collapse )

Speaking of Lush, I'm really becoming disenchanted with the company as a whole. I'm becoming uncomfortable with the cost of some of the things (um... the soap is OVERPRICED AS SHIT, man. I buy soap from Villainess, or on Etsy or something, and I get a massive brick that would be $20 in my store... for $5-6. That's... a little inconsistant), as well as some of the ingredients. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an SLS nazi or anything (GOD, I hate it when we get those in the store), but... honestly, methylparaben in the toners? They're... water. They're not going to go bad. I'm really not into putting parabens on my face, dude.

(And then I found out Coalface had a detergent AND some parabens, and our affair was over. I'm now loving jojoba oil as a cleanser all. night. long, baby.)

Also, jesus christ, how can we afford to use this much sandalwood? ...endangered species much? I almost felt bad about enjoying my Floating Island the other night. And then, of course, I didn't feel bad about it, because it's one of the few products left at Lush that is a glorious godsend. (Floating Island, Ceridwen's Cauldron, Buffy the Backside Slayer, and my baby, Big Blue. I think those are my only must-haves anymore, really. And I'm kind of phasing out Buffy a little bit with my new scrub obsession.)

On the other hand, I'm really finding out how much awesome stuff the company really does for the world in general. Every single one of our ingredients is fair trade, and Mark travels all over the world to keep up with the, like, tiny villages in Africa we get our shea butter from, and everything, to make sure everything is STILL fair trade. And the whole entire sale (not including taxes, obviously) from every Charity Pot DOES actually go to a charity. Which is really cool. But I just kind of feel like if they focused more on bettering the world, and less on keeping everything "naked" (which essentially requires everything to have preservatives in it, and I'm not talking vitamin E, I'm talking nineteen kinds of parabens!), I think the company could change for the better. Honestly, at this point, they could afford to take parabens and synthetics entirely out of the products. Sure, they'd go bad quicker, but hey---package them in smaller containers, maybe? Maybe that way we could actually SELL $90 Gorgeous? I'm saying?

Sorry, work rant over, I promise. I'm just down on everything lately. (Except jojoba oil. Our romance is a tender and touching experience.)

Today I ran out of gas again, which is always a stunningly hilarious occurrence! ...not!

Yesterday I only got paid $117, which is always a stunningly hilarious occurrence! ...not!

On the plus side (THERE IS ONE, NO REALLY), I don't have to go to Richmond for the break, thank you GOD AND EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY, so I can chill with Kathleen and John and recharge for the brutal end of the semester. That will be awesome.

On the AWESOME plus side, John was all "hey someone paid me with an iTunes gift card and I don't use iTunes, do you want it" so I totally just bought, like, eight TV episodes, and have more than enough money left over for tomorrow night's Gossip Girl. I wish True Blood was on iTunes. I'm way too into that show. And speaking of gloriously bad vampires in the media, Kathleen and I are sneaking into Twilight sometime this week, and naturally I will be posting my Thoughts, Let Me Show You Them. (cleolinda is writing a Fifteen Minutes on it, by the way---keep an eye on her journal for it!)



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i wish i COULD kill some bitches with my brain, yo

Long, long, long week last week. Five concerts, countless pointless rehearsals, countless stupid classes, countless times my English class got cancelled (either my teacher has cancer or he's a fucking lazy little shit, I've literally been to this class twice in the last two months because it's been cancelled so much). I'm really not looking forward to going tomorrow (have to wake up asstastically early) but I suppose I must, as we're not actually meeting again.

Got my hair did Friday, and it's really cute---fluffy, poky layers everywhere, very textured. I cut off almost three inches and it's still a lot longer than it ever was in high school, which surprised me---when she was combing my hair out straight when it was wet, it went down past my boobs, which was shocking. I guess my hair is wavier than I thought, too, if it was so much longer wet and combed. Anyways, I like the new cut a lot. My new hairdresser is totally crazy, an absolute hoot, and $20 cheaper than my last one, so that's a plus.

Work Sunday was kind of hilarious, but in a manic way, where you can't stop laughing because you're so tired. My manager-in-training accidentally created a chocolate volcano with the hot chocolate she was trying to make in a hot pot, so we spent about an hour cleaning chocolate out of the entire back half of the store. I about peed myself when it actually happened. I think I actually fell over with laughter.

Saw Jayme today, she confirmed that she quit school to strip. Jesus Christ almighty, I about did a fucking click-my-heels dance of joy. John put it well: "It's like confirmation from God that you really are better than her in every way." Damn straight, stripper slutbitch from hell! I hope you and your multiple STDs are happy taking off your clothes in front of horny, disgusting strangers! Good riddance, whore! (INSERT HAPPY DANCE HERE!)

Work today was fun-ish. It was just me and Amy (the aforementioned manager-in-training), which is always oodles of fun, and we had to stay until 12:30 (it's a Macy's one-day sale tomorrow, "with a preview on Tuesday!", so it's really a two-day sale, you dumb fucks), and we just got sillier and sillier as time went on, and then Amy broke the intarwebs and we just lost it. Then we laid on the floor of the store and read Teen Vogue and gossiped. Thankfully the CEO of Macy's did not wander by and get mad.

What else is new... BPAL's anniversary is in November, and for this year Beth resurrected Snake Charmer. I think I might go lesbian for Beth.

Hmmm... oh, I recently discovered that there was a WHOLE JUDD APATOW TV SHOW that I never saw. It's called Undeclared, and it's basically the college Freaks and Geeks. I cannot get enough. It is awesome. Jay Baruchel is my new lover.

I'm fucking tired and I have to wake up in four hours, so I think it's time for me to bounce. Night, all.
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ooh la la ringtones

May I take a moment to pimp my new favorite website? Mostly everything is free (and the stuff that isn't will let you know, rather than sneaking in $1.99 charges here and there when you're not paying attention) and I have found some gems tonight, y'all, including:

My three favorite songs from Rilo Kiley's Under the Blacklight ("Silver Lining," "Breakin' Up" and "The Moneymaker")

The "mmm, what you say" part of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" (la_fiora, I'm pretty sure this is your new ringtone, if you're okay with it not being "Misery Business" anymore)

The Super Mario Brothers theme song (which I've been meaning to get as a default ringtone for a long time now; I assigned it to Noah, which I thought was highly appropriate)

Taylor Swift's "Love Story" (I AM WEAK AND THIS VIDEO IS PRETTY) (plus it's the part of the verse I like, the "and Daddy said to stay away from Juliet" line, not the chorus which is pretty much stupid)

The Rite of Spring bassoon solo (I pretty much shrieked with glee)

The "Bad Horse Chorus (Reprise)" from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, which my sister has been dying to have as a ringtone but we haven't been able to find it yet

AND "The Ballad of Serenity" from Firefly (I KNOW I WAS PRETTY FUCKING THRILLED TOO)

I have to go reassign everybody's ringtones now (except John's, because honestly there is no better ringtone for him). Yay for being a gigantic nerd!
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surprisingly productive friday

Decent day today. It started off pretty shitty, because I ran out of pads so I had to wear a tampon (which I hate), had no money for gas so drove to Marta all "OMG PLEASE BABY I LUV U NEVER LEAVE ME" at my car praying I wouldn't run out, and then waited for Marta for FORTY MINUTES, I MEAN, GODDAMN. But the rehearsal I was trying so hard to get to was a lot of fun---it was a chamber rehearsal with one of the graduate band conducting students, and she's got a hilariously raunchy sense of humor, so rehearsal with her always ends up with someone doing the pee-run to the nearest bathroom and at least two other people actually crying with laughter.

(We just learned today that she's been videotaping all of our rehearsals for our wind ensemble director. ...I kind of wish I hadn't had such a long conversation about red lingerie with Steven. Or said "fuck a duck" as many times as I did. Or given Sam the finger. ...twice.)

And SWE was okay, though kind of boring because we just kept playing Mozart, augh.

But work was really fun! I bought a bunch of stuff from the store for a friend at school (and threw in a massive bottle of my favorite shampoo for myself in the process, yay). The girl I closed with tonight---her name's Ariel---she's funny as shit, so we had a great time cleaning and swearing and booty-dancing to MAC's music next door (generally speaking, with each other, which prompted a few odd looks from passersby, but hey, if we're not having fun, it's not Lush). Then I went to CVS and bought conditioner, so I basically felt very productive and frugal.

...apart from the shoes I bought at Urban Outfitters on my break. BUT THEY WERE SO CUTE! AND SO MASSIVELY ON SALE! AND SO FUCKING CUTE! Dammit, I need to go on a shoe no-buy. My over-the-door shoe holder only has one spot left, dude, it had NINE LEFT a couple of months ago. I have such a shoe problem. Especially vintage shoes. Especially from the '80s.

Remind me sometime and I'll take pictures of all of my shoes. They're all fucking cute, man. I have an awesome shoe collection.

What else is on my mind tonight? Mmm, iTunes just shuffled to Jenny Lewis' "The Next Messiah," and it's in the 3:00-4:30 section ("when did she come to detest you?") and I'm remembering how unbelievably hot that was live. Mmmmm.

Lately, I've been listening to a lot of songs that make me think about driving around the city at night. "Worrisome Heart" by Melody Gardot; "Dreamworld" by Rilo Kiley; "Cherry-Coloured Funk" by the Cocteau Twins; "Neon" by John Mayer (which was actually inspired when he... drove around Atlanta at night, what the fuck awesome). So I've got a new playlist on my iPod specifically for when I want that feeling. You know that feeling? The lights are bright but the sky is dark, your car is warm but the air is cold, your heart is loud but your voice is quiet.

What's on your most recent playlist?

And speaking of playlists... I'm off to go download some Hindemith. I'm obsessed with him right now. He's like Stravinsky lite. Stravinsky I can play. I love it.
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a touch of linkspam for your glorious viewing pleasure

Because the world ALWAYS needs more linkspam! Also because this superbitch on eBay has finally snapped me and I need to calm down before I write her back or she will definitely, definitely have me banned for language.

This is violently disturbing. (WARNING: Do not click if you have a sensitive stomach.)

Also terrifying: the thought of Paris Hilton as president. The article, however, is hilarious. I sometimes wonder if Paris Hilton is really that dumb, or if she's smart as shit and just wants to save it for a big revealing in the future.

I think we all know how much I love balcarin, thanks to her and welurklate's multiple Growing Up Cullen endeavors; let us all please take to time to read my newest favorite entry of hers, which I would like to title "THE TELLTALE SIGNS OF A VAMPIRE---HIS GAYNESS".

Yet another thing I have to get addicted to because of cleolinda: her True Blood recaps are hilarious.

And as a side note: I am really into several things right now, namely Album Leaf, Pushing Daisies, and the Dark Pumpkin candle from this Etsy shop. I guess that's the band, TV show, and product of the week. Ooh... I might have to make that into a regular thing!

TTFN, all. I have to actually go to English class tomorrow. ...sigh.