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April 2009  

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goddamn that is awesome  
10:41pm 09/04/2009
Eoife Ilona Macbeth
"Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, a village on the island of Anglesey in Wales, is the longest place name in the Welsh language. 51 letters long in the Welsh alphabet, the name can be translated as 'St Mary's church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the rapid whirlpool and the church of St Tysilio of the red cave.'"

~from Wikipedia's entry on "Longest Words"

Welsh people are so fucking cool. All the time.
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04:38am 10/04/2009 (UTC)
I Am A... Wikked Lil Grrl!: Sushi
That is fucking awesome. Maybe Kat and I can go see it and take a picture...

Hey, any chance we can make the same arrangement we made for Kat's last recital?
picword: Sushi
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05:15am 10/04/2009 (UTC)
Eoife Ilona Macbeth
Yeah, dude! Again, I won't get out of ensemble until 5:30, so I can meet you around 5:45 at Five Points if that's cool.
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05:27am 10/04/2009 (UTC)
I Am A... Wikked Lil Grrl!
I can try for that most deffo! Forsyth Street exit? Plus, I have imps for you.
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07:17pm 10/04/2009 (UTC)
And, of course, it's pronounced nothing like it's spelled. well, except "gogogoch".
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